People are fascinated with Tahitian Dancing

There are many good things that can be associated when people say the word Tahiti. From breath-taking islands, tropical paradise, Tahitian folklore, Tahitian tattoos, Tahitian songs. These are the words that made the island of Tahiti popular in the world.

But if there’s one word that can best describe Tahiti, Tahitian dancing is the word indeed. Many people are fascinated about this kind of dance.

women dancers

Tahiti dance has many styles. One popular Tahiti dance style is the ote’a which requires a large group of female or male dancers. The costume that the dancers are wearing for this dance is the traditional Tahiti dance costume. A dance named hivanau is being performed by the dancers as their last dance for the ceremony. This dance is consists of dancers led by somebody that may improvise or made some movements. Another dance style is the aparima in which the dancers imitate or portrays everyday living like fishing or courtship. All the styles of Tahitian dance are athletic and complex.

Tahitian dancers are group of dancers that performs in front of tourists that visits Tahiti. Each dancer has to be graceful and sensual while doing the Tahiti dance. It is very important that Tahiti dancers have enough knowledge about the dance routine. For many people Tahiti dancing is just dancing sensual and gracefully, yes it is but since the dance is imitating something, all of the body and hand movements should be properly executed in order to deliver the message of the story being depicted in the dance. It is also important to have a wide performing area for these dancers so that they can have the chance to move freely and to execute the dance routine properly.

Tourists all over the world come and see the beauty of Tahiti and the island’s festivities. The most graceful and athletic Tahiti dancers are showing their guts when it comes to dancing the traditional dance that made their island popular in different parts of the world. The training that these dancers went through was very extensive and the movements they are executing are very breathtaking. The gracefulness of the hips and the hands is truly telling the audience a good story. Helping the dancers to move around the performing area gracefully and sensually is the drum’s beat. Most Tahitian dancer started their training in Tahiti dancing when they are still young and they are also doing training at least twice a week or more than that to help them get ready for the performance or a competition if there is one. For Tahitian dancers, Tahitian dance is not a form of hobby but instead it is part of their island’s culture, art and ultimately it is the way they live their lives in the island. It is indeed a tradition for the locals of Tahiti to perform Tahiti dance during a festival or gathering. It is also their way to preserve their tradition and Tahitian dancers are performing this kind of dance because it is also a great exercise for the body.

There are now schools, dance organizations, and individuals that offers Tahiti dance lesson for those people who wanted to learn the Tahiti dance whether it is for experience or entertainment purposes.

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